About Us

From left: Jennifer Davis Brennan, Joe Brennan (Founder), Rachel Barone (Co-Owner)

Joe Brennan, Founder of PDP Granite & Marble, brings over 25 years of expertise and leadership to the custom countertop business. Over his career, he has earned considerable respect throughout the stone industry. PDP is the fabricator known for “Doing it Right!” Joe has mastered the ability to connect with each client and consistently deliver outstanding results. His motto is: Extra efforts produce exceptional results.

Rachel Barone, Co-Owner of PDP Granite and Marble, brings over 20 years of expertise into the custom countertop industry. Raised with all the principles of a Georgia girl, Rachel learned valuable lessons from her electrician father and artist mother. She graduated from KSU with a Bachelor of science degree. Rachel also holds several American, National and state of Georgia licenses. Her experiences have made her invaluable in both the technical aspects of kitchens and baths as well as the design aesthetics. Rachel has a keen eye for details, color usage, and passion for the granite and marble industry, and the feelings of luxury it adds to each project. Rachel personally hand-selected the granite and marble slabs, with emphasis placed on the most current color trends. Bon Appetit' magazine, and Savannah Historical preservations have featured her work. Countless other around the state have also benefitted from her decorating guidance and K & B projects management.

Jennifer Davis Brennan is a Gulf-Coast native. She spent her youth in Georgia. He background and business specialty is in accounting and payroll. Jennifer is also HOA president of her neighborhood, PTA President, and enjoys jewelry design as an artistic outlet. PDP is fortunate to have her exceptional management and organizational skills to add to the daily success of our company.